Lodging Frequently Asked Questions

What to Bring:

Collar and Leash: Dogs must either be carried or leashed, per Salina City regulation.

Food:  Bring what your dog normally eats. Staying on the same food keeps them happy and reduces the possibility of upset stomach and/or diarrhea due to eating a new food. We will feed Dry, Wet, Raw, etc. We have a refrigerator and microwave. If additional care is required: multiple meals/hand feeding/incentive additives, etc. a Special Care fee of $5/day will be applied.

Packaging: State of Kansas regulations do not permit ORIGINAL BAGS of Dry food that cannot be sealed: all dry food must be kept in SEALED non-breakable containers. We suggest ziploc-type bags or plastic containers for each meal if staying less than 3 days.  For longer stays, package food in a large plastic container/bin or ziplock-type bags, and we’ll portion as requested. NO GLASS. A $5 repackaging fee will be applied to food brought in non-sealable bags, tied grocery bags, etc. If no food is provided, we use Science Diet Dry for Sensitive Stomach, 2 times/day: $5/meal/dog.


Medication:  We will administer up to (3) three oral/topical medications per dog at no charge. If additional care is required: multiple meds /no delivery method provided (pill pockets/cheese/peanut butter,etc.), a Special Care fee of $5/day will be applied.

Do not bring more medications then what is required for stay (ziplock bags work great.) Include written instructions, including name of medication and dose frequency. Please bring the delivery method (pill pockets, peanut butter, cheese, etc.)  We do not administer Insulin injections.

Toy: Limit ONE; we are not responsible for lost or destroyed toys.

Treats: If you bring treats, please limit to one type. Note: RAWHIDE Bones/Treats are not permitted.


Please Leave at Home:

Beds/Blankets: Our in-house bedding, blankets and laundry system ensures your dog will have a comfy, sanitized bed/blanket. Bringing a blanket for “scent” may confuse your dog and cause anxiety: (s)he may believe you’re nearby and will search for you. We provide cushioned beds, soft blankets, and/or a comfortable raised cot.

Bowls, measuring cups, spoons, etc.: State of Kansas regulations require stainless steel or disposable food/water bowls. We have measuring cups and spoons.

Rawhide Bones/Treats: They require supervision and may cause blockage.